Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The beginning

I am an educator. I am a school leader and a teacher of history. I am a 36 year old woman. I am single. I believe in people and their good intentions and their need for love and belonging. I do not believe in God so think this is it. This gives me the motivation to want to leave my mark on the world. I want to leave a legacy that means the world is a little bit better for me having lived in it. Maybe this is just ego.
I have been a teacher for 10 years. I have been part of setting up an outstanding school. Three years on, Ofsted agrees with us. I am the deputy head. I am on the cusp of headship. But or rather AND I have decided to cycle round the world.

People ask me my reasons. My head teacher described my plans as 'travelling' to the governors. I do not expect to find myself. I know myself well. I have what I describe as a you-only-live-once streak. An existentialist tendency. To be defined by my actions.

This is one of them. These will be my words.

I am cycling with another teacher. James. He will write in his own words and possibly in a different colour.

We begin in July - the 29th. There are still many things to do and plans to make but we have our route, our tickets and our bikes. We need a cause that could benefit from our indulgence and more places to stay along the way. Perhaps you could help?

It will be amazing to know that there are lots of friends following our adventures. It's a small world.


  1. Looking forward to following you - and contacting you with US stops. And I hope you chose something about children and aventure. More life - less regulations. You are awesome Mari Williams!!! Patt Montgomery/CA, USA

  2. WHOO HOO. I love what you write. I love that you are doing this. I am tickled pink to know that I heard about this back in October! in an airport on the way to Rome.
    You make me want to do more as well.

  3. I look forward to following and hearing all about the ride. What an experience you will have!

  4. Brilliant - so very inspiring, looking forward to following your journey Mari -Good Luck with all the planning

  5. So inspirational Mari, I have a cause for you: to raise awareness of the challenges currently faced by adults with learning disabilities. Remploy which used to help fund wages no longer has the funding to do so resulting in redundencies and for those most vulnerable in society are then faced with the battle field of proving they are entitled to benefits. A company called Atos makes an assessment with more than half of assessments failing to recognise an individual's disability. Most cases are then overturned at a tribunal but to get to this stage requires courage, support and a high level of intelligence to present one's case. There is no funding to help adults with learning disabilities to return to the work place. Next to change is Living Disabilty Allowance: the principle of a disabled person should be supported to live independently is being challenged resulting in more proposed cutbacks and making it even more difficult for vulnerable adults to live independently. Having seen first hand how this has affected my own family it is a cause to fight for and very much raise awareness. It is so wrong to not protect vulnerable members of society who with support can and want to contribute.

  6. Thanks everyone. Your support will keep us going.

  7. HI Mari, We had a "by chance" meeting with you guys in downtown Fort Collins this afternoon. I was thinking about you on my way home and wished we'd had more time to chat. Your trip sounds fantastic and I am well impressed with your "Beginning" statement - good for you. I hope Choice City was good for you. I am now going to follow your blog. (I was the one with the kid in the trailer). Best wishes. Mercedes